About 1st Edition 2018

Starting with our establishment in 2018, Star Gems & Jewelry Expo has win lots of hearts of most of Jewelers who are connected with past years.

The first exhibition held was at 2nd, 3rd and 4th of December’2018 in Hotel Surabhi International, Varanasi with more than 40 stalls and 2800+ visitors attending the event.

As observed this exhibition has already created excitement among those who visited as well as those who participated. SGJ Expo has always been about more than just business. The show hopefully attracted many first-time visitors from the interior regions of the nearby states. Many more lines as participants have
been introduced ever popular lightweight, daily wear jewellery.

Also the marketing team and heads, namely Mr. Avadesh Kumar and Mr. Kanhaiya Prasad, made a lot of efforts in advertising and distribution of those invitations both offline and online to make everyone aware of the very first show organized by SGJ Expo team-members. The only subtraction we had was the area covered were limited and which was all over covered in Varanasi, Mumbai, Delhi, Meerut, Agra, Jaipur etc. Though our area was limited yet the response we get was all heaven at the very first event.

The arrangements provided to the all of the guest, participants, workers, and all other staff was jointly programmed under eyes of our organizer, co-advisors, and other associate members namely Mr. Sushil Kumar, Mr. Sitaram Modanwal, and many more.

Last but not least, Final review of the event was all mesmerizing given by all our guests, visitors and participants.

Acknowledging all the opinions and show directory, our honorable organizer, Mr. Sandeep Raj, gave his word of honor to not repeat the same inaccuracy if took place and also to improve and provide all the best service anyhow making the show grand day by day.